Peoples Debate Forum The place to voice your opinions

The ‘PEOPLES DEBATE FORUM’ has been created to give everyone an opportunity to voice their own opinions and debate the issues that matter to us all, regardless of their own political leanings.

PDF is a cross-party debate platform

In today’s society, it seems that more and more people are turning into Sheeple who seem to have lost the ability to debate with others to find the best solutions and we hope that by providing this debate platform, people can debate sensibly the issues of the day, without fear of reprisal or condemnation for doing so and then hopefully we will get back to learning from each other once again.

We have created a forum where everyone’s opinions are treated equally, regardless of any differences such as political, religious, gender or any other factor that causes divisions in our society. We want people putting their heads together as equals and so no one’s opinion is any greater than the next person’s. If your opinion is challenged then the evidence will need to be shown to prove your point or to disprove another person’s opinion. 

We all know we can believe things that are not always true but evidenced debate will help us all to learn from each other and makes us all so much better informed. Look at the fiasco of Brexit all due to false or exaggerated information from both sides of the fence. PDF aims to rectify that.

We have found on other debate platforms that anonymity leads to people saying things they would not say if they were in a public place and because of this we insist on real names when registering. If you cannot put your name to what you have to say then PDF is certainly not the platform for you and there are plenty of other platforms where you can troll anonymously to your heart’s content. 

To register on PDF and start debating, simply click any of the images above and register your email address. A registration form is automatically sent out to you (please check junk folder) and once you have registered, you can join in the debates. 

This is a debate platform based on social media but in a format, many will have never seen before, we believe this is ideally suited to political debate and we are sure it will not take you long to figure out how it all works but there is a support space there for anyone who needs help. 

Please remember this is a cross-party debate platform for those who can debate reasonably with others. You will never win a debate by being abusive, instead try showing some evidence to prove your point, if you cannot do so, the chance is you are actually the one who is wrong.

Be warned Moderators are in place to ensure debates do not get out of hand and IP blocks will be given to continuous offenders.

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